Main objectives: First-Motivate; Second-Experience; Third-Clarify.

Pass out Student Information Sheets as they come in, have them supply information, then collect ASAP.

Pass out Syllabus, Weekly Preparation Guide, OT Scores.

Welcome and BRIEF introductions.

Course objectives and prerequisites:

Play an example.

Go over the rest of the syllabus.

EMPHASIZE: Plan on spending approx. ___ hours per week, including class time, for this class.

Weekly Preparation Guide-go over it as it pertains to this week.

Introduce the first hymn project, "Saints, Behold."

Pedal technique.

OT introduction.

Be sure they know what to do between now and the next class period.

Motivate to dedicate the time needed to learn these skills.

Keep track of practice time (use the table in the back of the book, and report practice time to you as requested).



Opening hymn, "Saints, Behold" (4-part version, 2 verses), then a 3-part hymn (hymn project 2).

Practicing pedal exercises.

Describe a typical practice session, including all columns in the Weekly Preparation Guide.

Use Weekly Preparation Guide, and the OT Lesson Objectives to guide your practice.

Keep track of practice time.

Supervised practice and OT study: get acquainted and answer questions.