E-106 (built by Casavant in 2006)
This is a two-manual organ of 6 ranks, electric key action, with all pipework located behind swell shutters. It features standard AGO specifications in the key dimensions and in the configuration of the pedal. A MIDI interface is included.

Pedal Swell Couplers Great
16 Bourdon 16 Bourdon Great to Pedal 8 8 Flute a Cheminee
8 Flute A Cheminee 8 Flute Majeure Swell to Pedal 8 8 Bourdon
4 Principal 4 Flute Douce Swell to Great 8 4 Principal
4 Flute Douce 2 2/3 Nazard 4 Flute Majeure
8 Doucaine 2 Flute 2 Flute
4 Doucaine 8 Doucaine 1 1/3 Quinte
Tremulant 8 Doucaine
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