The New LDS Organist Podcasts

To make the most of these lessons, download and print the 54-page packet before beginning.

Lesson 1: Welcome to Organ Playing!

Lesson 2 : First Steps in Pedal Playing

Lesson 3 : Playing Prelude Music that Invites the Spirit

Lesson 4 : Effective Hymn Playing–An Overview

Lesson 5: Hymn Playing in Shortcut Mode–Playing Hymns Right Now

(Lessons 6-9 are for those who can dedicate the time to learning to play in polish mode):

Lesson 6 : Hymn Playing in Polish Mode–Playing Single Lines in Legato Style

Lesson 7 : Hymn Playing in Polish Mode–Playing Two Independent Legato Lines

Lesson 8: Hymn Playing in Polish Mode–Playing Three Independent Legato Lines

Lesson 9: Hymn Playing in Polish Mode–Playing Four Independent Legato Lines

Lesson 10 : Hymn Playing–Deciding When to Tie Repeated Notes

Lesson 11: Playing Postlude Music Appropriately

Lesson 12: Continuing Your Organ Training

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