The list of organ instructors includes those who have received a degree or certificate in organ from a recognized institution, or whose experience deems them qualified in the functions described below. Those on this list are interested in being available to students for the following Brigham Young University organ instruction functions:

In addition, they are willing to help students through OrganTutor Organ 101 lessons on an as-needed basis. That is, they are willing to teach and reinforce the following aspects of organ playing that are fundamental to the OrganTutor approach: 

  • Listening skills: precise releases, perfect legato, independence of line
  • Productive practice techniques
  • Mastery of standard legato manual and pedal techniques as presented in Organ 101
  • The application of legato techniques as in hymn playing and organ literature as appropriate
  • Basic concepts and applications in classical organ registration

While it is clear that organ instructors use a wide variety of teaching approaches, all of which eventually extend beyond the foundations established in Organ 101, those on this list are willing to help students establish those foundations.

If you are included on the list, students will contact you directly to learn of your availability and fee structure. Students are instructed to pay fees for lessons and played assignments directly to you at your specified rate. A nominal fee of $30 per hour is suggested for played assignments (which normally last 60-90 minutes), but you may require a different rate.

Through its independent study initiatives, the BYU Organ Division is providing quality organ instruction to potential organists who live far beyond the campus borders. We encourage organ instructors everywhere to join us in this effort.

If you wish to be included on the list, please send me the following information: name, telephone(s), email address, mailing address, degree(s) or certificate(s) IN ORGAN held or nearing completion, the awarding institution, and (optional) your primary organ instructor(s). By sending this information, you grant permission to Brigham Young University for its publication via electronic or printed means.

Feel free to include referrals of other instructors who might like to be included on this list.


Dr. Don Cook

Associate professor of music (organ)