The Organ Lab

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The heart of non-major organ study at the Brigham Young University School of Music is the Organ lab. Located in room E-354 of the Harris Fine Arts Center, this lab is the largest one of its kind. The lab is designed for class and semi-private instruction for up to twelve students. Each student sits at a late-model two-manual Rodgers organ, each of which is equipped with a computer station designed to deliver organ study materials. Students have access to the lab for practice and study seventeen hours per day.

The group organ students are the most active patrons of the organ lab. During a typical week they will visit there five times: twice for class instruction, and three more times for individual practice and study. Instructors spend the majority of class time listening to individual students play their assignments while other class members use headphones to practice and study individually. Advanced organ students also enjoy the practice and study aids available in the lab, such as the Rodgers PR-300 sequencer and sound modules.

Most students use the computers to study lessons on OrganTutor Organ 101, an interactive multimedia organ tutorial. However, because the computers are part of the campus network, they provide access to the growing pool of organ study-related resources on the internet.


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