Lesson 1

Technique: The Nature of Organ Tone, Practice Techniques, and Manual Technique

This is the first of two introductory technique lessons for Music 71, Organ Performance Level 1 (free version). It is best to start your course by working through these two technique lessons first. After you complete this lesson you can begin work on Lesson 2.

This lesson covers fundamentals in organ technique that should be learned and applied by every organist. Its concepts will be reviewed throughout Levels 2 through 6. Thorough study and understanding of these concepts now will bring great benefits as you progress through the higher levels.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the fundamental manner in which the organ produces tone and the implications this has for organ technique.
  2. Discuss various effective organ practice techniques.
  3. Identify perfect legato, precise releases, and independence of line as important fundamental listening skills for organ practice.
  4. Recognize and apply each of the six basic legato manual organ techniques.

Reading Assignment

In OrganTutor Online, study the following lessons:

For all OrganTutor Online lessons, take notes in the “OrganTutor Organ 101 Lesson Objectives” section near the end of the workbook. As you study, set a goal to internalize each concept thoroughly. Test your understanding by answering the Quick Review questions at the end of each OrganTutor concept and by taking the end-of-lesson tests.

In The OrganTutor Workbook, study the following sections:

As you study, set a goal to internalize each concept thoroughly.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the entire Manual Technique section in the workbook. At this point, the manual techniques need only be identified and understood, not played.