Lesson 3

The Basic Materials of Music: Time and Sound, and The Notation of Pitch

This is the first of three music theory lessons. Normally you should be working through a music theory lesson, a registration lesson, and preparing a played assignment during the same time period. Studying music theory and organ registration together, while practicing for the played assignments, will offer a varied and well-rounded learning experience in organ playing.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss duration and sound - the basic materials of music.
  2. Identify the four characteristics of sound important to musicians: pitch, intensity, timbre, and duration.
  3. Discuss the notation and application of pitch.

Reading Assignment

Basic Materials in Music Theory

Read chapters 1 and 2, “The Basic Materials of Music: Time and Sound,” and “The Notation of Pitch.” As you study, set a goal to internalize each concept thoroughly. Study first, then work the mastery frames and supplementary assignments as needed.