Lesson 9

The Three Primary Types of Organ Registration

This is the fourth of six organ registration lessons which should be completed in order. You may begin this lesson after completing Lesson 8. Registration lessons should be studied concurrently with technique and music theory lessons, and while preparing one of the played assignments.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the essential elements of chorus registration, solo and accompaniment registration, and trio/duo registration.
  2. Discern the number of parts in a piece of music (i.e., understand the texture) and determine whether one part calls for more prominence than the others.
  3. Match various musical textures with appropriate registrational types.

Reading Assignment

OrganTutor Online

In OrganTutor Online study the following lesson: “The Three Primary Types of Organ Registration.” Take notes in the “OrganTutor Organ 101 Lesson Objectives” section of the workbook. As you study, set a goal to internalize each concept thoroughly. Test your understanding by answering the Quick Review questions at the end of each OrganTutor concept and by taking the end-of-lesson tests, reviewing as needed.

The OrganTutor Workbook

As a supplemental resource, refer to the "The Three Primary Types of Organ Registration" section in the OrganTutor Workbook. Go through the self-correcting "Exercise" at the end of the section.