Played Assignment 1
Level 1 (free version)

This section deals with the specific requirements in this played assignment. For information about the process (preparing, choosing the Qualified Teacher, etc.), refer to the syllabus under "Preparing for the Three Played Assignments."

Organ Technique Portion

The following chart identifies each technique you need to master (left-most column). Prepare for this played assignment by thoroughly learning the exercise(s) from one of the method books (Davis, Gleason, Keeler or OrganTutor). In completing the assignment, you may draw from various method books if you wish. Your teacher will have you play any or all of the exercises listed from the book you have chosen.

Davis Gleason Keeler OrganTutor
Manual Techniques
Attack and Release p. 3:1–3 p. 28:1–2 p. 1:1–2
p. 2:5
2+ Parts in 1 Hand—Attack and Release1–4
Legato p. 4:1–2 p. 3:6–7 1 Part in Each Hand: The Heavy and Light Hand (all)
Legato and Detached Notes p. 6:5 p. 31:1, 4 p. 2:4 1 Part in Each Hand: “Redeemer of Israel” (soprano and tenor only). 2+Parts in 1 Hand—Attack and Release: 5–6
Finger Independence p. 5:1 p. 33:1 p. 4:11a–b 2+ Parts in 1 Hand—Exercises: 5a, 6a
Finger Crossing p. 7:1, 3 p. 45:7 p. 11:26 Finger Crossing: 1a (all 6 fingerings)
Finger Substitution p. 9:1 P. 35–37: 1–2 p. 5:12
p. 6:15
Finger Substitution: 1a–b, 2a–b (all 4 fingerings in each hand)
Finger Glissando p. 11:1 p. 40:1 p. 13:31 Finger Glissando: 1a–1b, 2a–2b
Two-Part Studies p. 68:1 p. 63:3 p. 15:41
p. 16–17:44
Repertoire: “Now Thank We All Our God” (2-part version), Elliott
Pedal Techniques
Alternate Toes p. 20–21: 1–7 p. 111:1
p. 112:1–2
p. 113:3–7
p. 28–29:72–75 p. 30:79–82 Pedal: ex. 1–8, 15a, 16a, 21
Toe and Heel p. 23:1–4 p. 28:1 p. 112:2 top p. 114:1–4 top p. 33–34:95–96 Pedal: ex. 25a, 26a
Manual and Pedal Studies
Two-Part p. 96:1–2 p. 153:1–3 p. 45:122–123 p. 83:1, 5p. 85:12 Repertoire: “Saints, Behold. . .” play each hand separately with pedal (right hand and pedal, left hand and pedal)
Three-Part Croft (choice) p. 155:10 p. 48:133–134 Repertoire: “Saints, Behold . . .” as trio

Organ Repertoire Portion

For this played assignment, prepare and play one of the following pieces, which are listed roughly in order of difficulty. Play a different piece for each played assignment. While you may consider more challenging pieces even in the first played assignment, be sure that you are polishing your playing in every way. Other pieces may be substituted with the approval of your teacher.

The OrganTutor Workbook

Croft, Kim. Nine Hymn Studies. Bountiful, UT: Pioneer (Jackman Music), 1986

Harmon, Neil. Hymn Settings for Organ, Book 6. Murray, UT: Day Murray Music, 2020


Davis or The OrganTutor Workbook

Manookin, Robert P. Hymn Preludes for Organ, Book 1. Bountiful, UT: Sonos (Jackman Music), 1976

Dupré, Marcel. Seventy-Nine Chorales for the Organ, Opus 28. New York: H.W. Gray, 1932

The Hymn Playing Portion

For this played assignment, play a simple three-part manual-only hymn (no pedal) such as hymn 302 (“I Know My Father lives”) from Hymns published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (free downloads). A simple three-part manual-only hymn from another hymnal may be substituted.

All hymns in this level should be prepared with a sustained legato approach. As described in OrganTutor Online under “Listening Skills for Practice,” pay particular attention to precise releases, perfect legato, and independence of line.

In addition to the required materials, the following books are recommended. They may be helpful in mastering the performance of hymns:


The following chart summarizes everything that should be played for your teacher for the three played assignments in this level.

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Organ Technique At each session you will be asked to play any or all of the manual, pedal, and combined manual and pedal technique exercises specified for the played assignments you have prepared.
Organ Repertoire One piece of your choice from the Organ Repertoire section Another piece of your choice from the Organ Repertoire section Another piece of your choice from the Organ Repertoire section
Hymn Playing Play hymn 302 of Hymns, or similar, on a manual only (no pedal). Play hymn 6 of Hymns, or similar, with the soprano, alto, and tenor parts on the Great manual and the bass part in the pedals. Play an introduction and all verses, including a change of registration at least once throughout the hymn. Play hymns 117 and 125 of Hymns, or similar, as you did in Hymn 6. Your teacher will conduct a hymn, and you should be able to yield to the given beat with precision and flexibility.
Sight-Reading You will be presented with an example of single-line melodies. You will have one minute to look through the music before playing.

Played Assignment Evaluation Forms

Two versions of the Played Assignment Evaluation Forms are listed below: a .pdf version and a .doc version. The .pdf version is not editable, and is best for printing. The .doc version is editable in MS Word, and may be best if your teacher is keeping track of your scores electronically. Click the link you need to open the file, save it on your device, and then attach that file in an email to your teacher. Or print it and deliver it by hand.

Played Assignment 1 Evaluation Form - .pdf (non-editable pdf format)

Played Assignment 1 Evaluation Form - .doc (editable MS Word document)

Remember, you should complete all lessons and played assignments to complete the course.

Best wishes!