What is the BYU Organ Workshop?

This video is a sampling from the 2020 BYU Online Workshop.

The BYU Organ Workshop is an intensive four-day program designed for organ skill-building at all levels. The workshop includes activities beginning on Monday, August 1st, with classes held all day from Tuesday to Thursday, August 2-4th. 

Registration options:

  • In-person – access to all courses including on-campus and online
  • Online only – access to all online courses

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced organist, the workshop has much in store for you!  

  • Enhance your organ-playing skills for your own enjoyment, for church service, or for teaching.
  • Discover and improve your talents and proficiency as you learn valuable techniques and tips from skilled instructors.
  • Develop your own organ-playing proficiency as well as acquire key pedagogical skills for teaching.
  • Study with faculty members who are capable and talented organists with years of experience.


The BYU Organ Workshop is an extension of the Workshop on Church Music, which ran at BYU between 1979 and 1999. The BYU Organ Workshop started as its own program in 2002 and is in its 20th year of operation.