Online Multi-Stake Organ Workshops are designed to offer training to pianists interested in learning to play the organ, and to organists at every level of experience. Normally it consists of a single 4- or 5-hour organ workshop together with a recital and hymn-sing. The workshop is customized to meet the needs of your area, including up to three sessions every hour on topics such as:

  • Introducing the Organ! A Tour of the King of Instruments
  • On the Bench: Things YOU Can Do On the Organ TODAY!
  • Choosing Stops to Fit the Occasion
  • Inspiring Hymn Playing
  • Effective Prelude and Postlude
  • Teaching LDS Organists
  • Developing Your Pedal Technique
  • Coping with Challenging Pedal Parts
  • Making the Most of Your Practice Time
  • Learning Organ on Your Own
  • Special classes for youth

The goal: to inspire musicians young and old to better serve the Lord through continued organ training. Because this workshop is a one-time event, it will include a thorough explanation of ways to continue organ training, and a challenge to find the way that best meets individual needs as soon as possible. Instructors will include BYU faculty and graduate student instructor(s), along with well-qualified local organists. No instructor fees are paid by the Stake(s). Expenses are funded through the BYU School of Music by a special account underwritten by a generous donor. Arrangements and preparations are coordinated between the official BYU Liaison and a local coordinator from the Host Stake:

BYU Organ Workshop Administrator provides/arranges:

  • Website for registering participants
  • Instructors for your online workshop
  • Access to participants for online webinar
  • Publicity assistance

Local Workshop Coordinator arranges: (funded by BYU “down to the last donut”)

  • Publicity
  • Tech support for teachers of online classes

Of great importance is the approval and support of the Host Stake leadership. This stake would call a Workshop Coordinator, and together they would invite nearby stakes, as deemed appropriate. For the workshop to be a success, much good publicity and many arrangements will be handled by the coordinator. The official BYU Liaison will work with that person in creating a highly effective workshop. A helpful and detailed checklist for the Workshop Coordinator will be provided.