Friday Evening Organ Concert

Refreshments to follow. This will be an evening that all will enjoy (not just organists!), and is a fantastic opportunity to invite friends of all faiths to attend. There is no registration for this event, just come if you are able and bring fellow music lovers.

Saturday Morning Organ Training

Building doors open at 8:00 am for registration, and the opening session begins at 9:00. During that hour, we have several things going on to enrich your experience:

  • Check in: we will have several registration tables set up, organized by last name. Head to the appropriate table to receive your folder with workshop materials, and your personalized name tag.
  • Light breakfast: there will be a light breakfast available, along with water. If the line to check-in is long, we recommend grabbing some breakfast first.
  • There will be a Hymn Sing in the chapel starting at 8:30. Come sing and get ideas for how to improve your hymn playing!
  • The Opening Session begins at 9:00 am.

At the Opening Session, we will welcome you and give you further information about the three tracks of classes for those wondering which track of classes is right for you. We then quickly split into sessions and you’ll get to enjoy the classes that look interesting to you! At the conclusion of the training, we have the Closing Session and lunch.

Dress Code: No set dress code, come as you are. The concert will be held in the chapel.  Training classes will be held in the chapel and other rooms in the building.  For those wanting suggestions, this is common attire:

  • Organ Concert: slacks/nice shirt for men, dress or skirts/slacks and a nice shirt for women with some more casual.
  • Organ Training: anywhere from jeans and a t-shirt to Sunday attire. The dress tends to lean more casual on Saturday.