For School of Music application for admission and scholarship materials and to schedule a live audition, contact the School of Music, Brigham Young University, C-550 HFAC, Provo, UT 84602 (801-422-8903, email, or

In addition to the School of Music, prospective music students must apply to the University. Notification of Music Performance Scholarships can only be made if the applicant has been admitted to the university.

For BYU admission application materials, contact the BYU Admissions Office, A-153 ASB, Provo, UT 846020, or visit The BYU admission application form is also a scholarship application for Benson scholarships, academic scholarships, and Y scholarships.

Music Performance Scholarships are offered to new freshmen, transfer, and continuing students. They are given primarily on the basis of demonstrated talent rather than on scholastic achievement alone. Awards range from $290 to full tuition plus $290. Those above the half-tuition level are rare. Recipients must enroll in correct courses for the major, register for organ lessons, and be declared music majors with organ emphasis.

An audition for admission and scholarship consideration into the organ program may take any one of these forms:

  1. At the organ, play a work of J.S. Bach, a work from another period, and a hymn.
  2. Play a piano audition for the piano and the organ faculties (a complete Haydn, Beethoven, or Mozart sonata; a prelude and fugue by J.S. Bach; and a work of your choice by a 19th- or 20th-century composer). Notify the organ faculty of your intent to be considered also for organ, and they will attend your audition (801-378-3260).
  3. An audition at the piano with different requirements may also be performed for the organ faculty:
    • One major and one minor scale in parallel motion through a compass of four octaves and contrary motion through a compass of two octaves
    • One major, one minor, and one dominant-seventh or diminished-seventh arpeggio through a compass of four octaves
    • A work by Bach (a two-or three-part invention, or a prelude and fugue from the WTC)
    • One Classic, Romantic, or 20th-century work.

Also taking place during audition day are music fundamentals tests.