Organ Performance Level 1

Music 71 (free version)


Basic organ registration topics in Level 1 include organ types and components, the organ console, organ stop pitches and families, three types of organ registration, chorus-type registration, and hymn registration. Level 1 develops the ability to sight-read single-line melodies. Music theory topics include the overtone series, musical notation (including note names, clefs, ottava sign, accidentals, enharmonic notes, chromatic scale, whole and half steps), rhythmic concepts (including duple, triple, and quadruple meter; simple and compound time), note values and rest values, metronome indications, tempo indications, and time signatures.

Level 1 students should already possess note reading skills at the piano, and be able to play hymns fluently at the piano.

Music 71 (free version) is similar to the Music 71 course administered by BYU Independent Study. They share the same lesson structure and played assignments. However, there are no quizzes, exams or reviews, student tracking, or certificate of completion offered in the free version. Played assignments are not submitted to the BYU Organ Faculty course instructor, and the instructor is not available for questions about course content. The cost for the BYU Independent Study version of the course is $150, which includes all the items listed above. If you want a college-credit version of the course, enroll in Music 399R sections section 1, which includes a higher course fee to cover the two college credits. In all versions of the course you must purchase the required materials and take the organ lessons necessary to complete the course.

Music 71 (free version) is administered by the BYU Organ Department, not BYU Independent Study. Music 72 (free version) is also available. For Levels 3-6, visit Music 73-76 (Continuing Education) or Music 399R sections 3-6 (University Courses).