E-226 (built by M.L. Bigelow and Company in 1996)
This is a new two-manual tracker organ of seven ranks. In a “tracker” key action such as this, there is a direct mechanical connection between the key and the valve underneath the pipe. It allows the organist greater control over the manner in which the pipe speaks than in an electric or electro-pneumatic key action. Its key and pedal configurations are AGO standard (except for the 58-key range of the manual keyboards), as found in most church organs in the United States. All ranks but the 8′ Praestant are located within the swell box. The organ focuses on stops of 8′ pitch, offering the student who spends several hours in daily practice a wide choice of stops that are easy on the ears. Some stops (such as the Gemshorn 4′) are playable on either the Great or the Swell, but not both at the same time.

Pedal Swell Great Couplers
16 Subbass 8 Chimney Flute (shared with Great; either/or) 8 Violoncello I/Ped
8 Violoncello 8 Gamba (shared with Swell; either/or) 8 Praestant II/Ped
4 Gemshorn 8 Chimney Flute (shared with Swell; either/or) II/I
8 Oboe 8 Gamba (shared with Swell; either/or)
Tremulant 4 Gemshorn