1231C (built by Kenneth Coulter in 1988)
This is a two-manual tracker organ of 9 ranks. Its key action is highly sensitive, making it an excellent practice instrument for precise finger action. The hook-down pedal near the pedal keys to the right is the Great-to-pedal coupler. This instrument is tuned in Werckmeister III, an unequal temperament that sounds more in tune in certain keys. The pedalboard is flat and non-radiating, with 58-key manual keyboards.

Pedal Great Swell
16 Bourdon 8 Chimney Flute 8 Gedackt
8 Quintadena 4 Prestant 4 Koppelflute
Swell to Pedal 2 Blockflute (Sw) 2 Blockflute (Gt)
8 Regal