4110 (built by Karl Wilhelm in 1987)
This is a two-manual tracker organ of six ranks. It features a flat pedalboard, similar to those commonly found in Europe. The pipework is enclosed behind cabinet-style shutters that can be set in position by the organist. The manuals are coupled by means of a shove-coupler: grasping the small knobs on either side of Manual II allows you to push it in or out. It is coupled to Manual I when it is pushed in, meaning that playing a key on Manual II will also engage the corresponding key on Manual I. The hook-down pedals near the pedal keys are pedal stops and manual/pedal couplers.

Great Swell Pedal
8 Gedackt 8 Holzegedackt 8 Flute
4 Rohrflote (shared with Great; either/or) 4 Rohrflote (shared with Great; either/or) 4 Flute
2 Prinzipal 8 Regal (plays on both manuals when engaged) I/Ped (activated by pedal lever)
8 Regal