For the masterclasses as part of the BYU Organ Online Training Sessions, we welcome video recordings or written questions. 
Videos and questions will be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submit a Video

If you’d like to submit a video, please observe the following guidelines: 

•Make a video recording using a good external microphone. Sound quality will be most important. Set your camera so that your hands and feet are visible. 

•For the recording, state your name, the hymn or piece you are playing, the name of the composer of any organ piece, and the make and type of organ. 

•If you play a hymn, play all verses, with registration changes, as though you were accompanying a large, enthusiastic congregation. 

•Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video, and include the link (contact if you need help on uploading the video). 

•Send an email that includes the link, your name, and a stoplist of the organ or images of the organ stops to

Submit a Question

This is your chance to ask anything you’d like to know to help you be a better organist!