The New LDS Organist


A Guide Through the First Months


The twelve audio lessons from The New LDS Organist are taken ideally at the organ console with an mp3 player and earphones. They can be downloaded without cost as explained on this link.

Those who prefer may purchase an inexpensive mp3 player already loaded with the audio lessons, including new earphones and a printed 59-page packet. This is intended to help those who are unfamiliar with mp3 technology, or who do not wish to download the lessons and print the packet themselves. The actual model of the player will be as described below or one comparable (see an example). The cost is $35 plus $7.50 shipping (U.S.) and any taxes. Click here to order.

1gb Lyric mp3 player

The Lyric 1 gigabyte mp3 player
by Mach Speed

  • New MP3, WMA, WAV player, with the 12 lessons and a fresh battery installed
  • 1 gb capacity–the 12 lessons leave 750mb available for other uses
  • Weighs 1.5oz with battery, earphones, and carrying strap (included)
  • Full USB 2.0 speed (USB cable included)
  • Operates as a USB thumb drive for data storage
  • Records up to 60 hours
  • Battery (AAA, included) lasts up to 10 hours
  • Voice recording
  • Simple drag-and-drop music and data files (no software needed)
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: up to 86dB, frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Limited “dead-on-arrival” warranty through the Ard Publications

This player was chosen because of its low cost and ease of use for delivering the twelve New LDS Organist lessons. You should be able to begin listening to the lessons immediately after opening the package, which contains the following:

  • New Lyric 1mb mp3 player with fresh AAA battery, USB cable, carrying strap, earphones, and directions from the manufacturer
  • Basic directions for listening to the lessons from Ard Publications
  • 59-page packet (printed and bound)

If you wish to use the full capacities of the mp3 player, such as downloading music and voice recording, follow the directions provided with the player.


Ard Publications warrantees the mp3 player (only) to arrive in sufficient working order to deliver the twelve audio New LDS Organist lessons. Any further warranty must be taken up directly with the manufacturer or distributor as indicated in the materials. No additional terms of the warranty are expressed or implied–including suitability of the unit to perform any tasks other than delivering the twelve audio lessons. Because the audio lessons and the packet are free, their suitability or adequacy is not included in the warranty.

If an mp3 player is found to be non-working on delivery, first send an email to describing the nature of the problem. You may then be directed to return it, and a replacement unit or refund will be provided, at the discretion of Ard Publications.

TO ORDER click here. For questions, email Ard Publications.

For more information and organ study resources, visit the Organ Study at BYU website.