Our Very First Organ Class for Youngsters Ages 8-12

The BYU Organ Department is thrilled to offer a very exciting opportunity for children who are interested in learning to play the organ! Based on the graduate research of former master’s student, Nora Hess, and with the assistance of current organ students, the class will teach children to read music and play the organ, including the pedals! The class is designed for beginning students with less than one year of music training. The curriculum will utilize¬†Wayne Leupold‘s method, Discover the Basics, and a new, unpublished book he has created to go with it, Basic Pedals. For additional information about the class contact Nora Hess.

Pedal Booster

The Organ Pedal Booster was created by Nora Hess and Dr. Don Cook to allow young children to play the pedals on the organ. It hovers above a standard AGO pedalboard, bringing the keys six inches closer to young feet. Its weight is suspended by two outer supports that rest on the floor, enabling the Booster keys to gently depress the host pedal keys with felt-tipped dowels. Spring tension for each key is still controlled by the host pedalboard as the Booster keys rest lightly on top. The entire Booster pedalboard adjusts up and down, and each dowel is also adjustable. The Pedal Booster is available for purchase through Ard Publications.