A series of eight video lessons to assist the pianist in getting started as an organist for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The free YouTube videos are hosted by Dr. Don Cook of the Brigham Young University Organ Department, with graduate students Samantha Adair, Amber Dahlberg, and Taryn Harding.

Lesson 1 – Introduction (Cook) 2:34
Lesson 2 – How to Start Playing the Organ (Adair) 8:13
Lesson 3 – Choosing Organ Stops (Dahlberg) 9:43
Lesson 4 – How to Play a Hymn (Harding) 10:37
Lesson 5 – How to Play the Pedals (Adair) 10:22
Lesson 6 – Advancing Your Hymn Playing (Harding) 11:14
Lesson 7 – Prelude and Postlude Tips (Dahlberg) 6:04
Lesson 8 – Continuing Your Organ Training (Cook) 10:44

Visit youtube.com and search “New Ward Organist”. Click the link in any video description to download and print the free packet (in pdf format).

For questions or more information email organ@byu.edu