I loved the small demo organ that we were able to assemble during breakfast.

I’ve come to these every year since they started in the DC area & I’m always motivated to do better.

I was so inspired with the Hymn Sing, wishing that we could sing with the choirs of angels and organ and harp every Sunday.

I loved the concert and the chance to talk to the musicians/instructors.

I was especially touched by the closing song.  The organ supported, yet didn’t distract.  As I listened, I could tell there were additional flourishes, stops or something added to each verse, yet it didn’t draw attention to itself.  The organ simply supported the congregational singing, adding to the spirit and message of the song.  (Neither the sister I was seated with, nor I, could sing the last verse as we felt the spirit so strongly, it brought tears to our eyes.)  It made me grasp what the workshop was trying to tell us – to learn to play in such a way that our congregations could also feel the spirit and feel supported!

I was so motivated, I offered to play in my ward (even though it is not my calling). Furthermore, I’ve immediately started going to the church building daily at 5:00 am to practice for an hour before work.