Organ Performance Level 2

Music 72 (free version)

The Course

Note: The items and lessons below appear in a suggested order of completion.

Lesson 1: Manual and Pedal Technique (review)

Played Assignment 1 (Begin practice, then play for an evaluator when ready. Finish in 3 to 4 months.)

Lesson 2: Registration – Organ Types and Components (review)

Lesson 3: Theory – Intervals

Lesson 4: Registration – Non-Speaking Stops

Lesson 5: Theory – The Basic and Major Scales

Lesson 6: Registration – Classification of Organ Stops by Pitch and by Family (review)

Lesson 7: Registration – Hymn Registration (review)

Lesson 8: Theory – The Minor Scales

Lesson 9: Registration – Solo and Accompaniment Registration (review)

Played Assignment 2 (begin practice after Played Assignment 1 is finished)

Lesson 10: Theory – Key Signatures

Lesson 11: Registration – Decision Making and Score Preparation

Played Assignment 3 (begin practice after Played Assignment 2 is finished)